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Mid-Night Wondering is a slender-esque horror/Adventuring game made for the idioms game jam.


You're friend Eddie goes missing after paying a visit to the forest, you have to find him by looking for clues as to his whereabouts, his belongings seem scattered everywhere. A supernatural creature commonly referred to as Mid-Night inhabits the woods and stalks its prey from the dreary shadows.


When you hear the beast switch off the your flashlight and stay still. When its silent its safe to carry on walking. Running and having your flashlight on can attract unwanted company but the flashlight is necessary to find all the clues!


WASD or Arrows and Space

Shift to run faster

F to toggle flashlight


Mid-Night Wondering.zip 487 MB


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(comment contains spoilers)

I really like the combination of 2D and 3D art!

I like the dramatic buildup! I thought the reversal at the end was nice too.

Unfortunately I didn't catch that you can run using shift, so I wasn't aware of that in my first playthrough.  I managed to bug out of the gameover though by jumping at the moment I got caught.

Also, maybe I was playing to cautious but by just walking and switch the flashlight off and standing still whenever you hear a sound, it's quite easy to find all the clues.

But all in all it's a really nice and complete package! Enjoyed playing it for the few minutes it takes to play it. :)